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The United States sent F-22 stealth fighter jets to South Korea on Sunday to join military drills aimed at underscoring the U.S. commitment to defend Seoul in the face of an intensifying campaign of threats from North Korea.

luckily we're not sending f-35's (for our sake)

"This is a fairly small program, but this will provide some principal relief for a few borrowers."

but if you are one of the few borrowers, it can be life changer

So much US fail. Imagine the US President making a direct apology to someone wronged by the FBI.

better yet, imagine the outrage if NZ (or any nation for that matter) butted in to our business and tried to have one of their citizens/residents arrested / extradited.

well that sure is some crappy news to read about nova. too young....

been busy on my 1 acre 'estate' here and haven't had time to read CR let alone post, and this is the news i get.....sure does suck.

skk, unfortunately 10$ is the price most are at....

skk:any FREE sampling wineries still left there ?

I don't think there are but if you get off the beaten path you can at least find some 5$ samplings. The ones on the beaten path are very NAPA like (not the wine, just the atmosphere): crowded and you won't get anything over and above the # of tastings paid for...

I wish we got the memo about cheaper gas here in san diego, still in the 4.25 range

. Burning all that cheap holiday gas.

yeah, all the way down to 4.35/ gallon here in san diego Smile

Gas prices here seem to be sticky to the up side.
Oil has dropped alot, gas is still 3.79

and here in so cal gas just went up a dime to 4.359 at the cheap stations.

Nemo's Monkey

oil going down, interest rates down, ponies for all!

oh, and they are building like mad here in parts of san diego

wasn't builder confidence through the roof in february with all the new permits?

I know a place where you can get rid of them easily, and it's more fun than loosing the lotto.

yeah, but 2 bucks isn't going to make it rain..... Wink

i spent 2$ on lottery tickets, spent 7$ and change at the store, didn't need any more singles in my wallet.

New ho(m)es at least in California are a terrible deal compared to almost any proximate established neighborhood of existing houses. There is this development called Riverpark that looks good until you find out the $260k townhoe comes with a $600 assessment and $250 HOA and a 1.4% tax rate.

The 3500 sq ft house the wife and I just bought (built 1986, completely remodeled except for kitchen, which was removed and not replaced with anything) couldn't be built for the price we paid. and we got an acre of land to boot. a little longer trip to the beach (20 minutes) but not too bad considering....

thanks, cr and nova. my wife has been waiting for years.....

I thought QE2 was supposed drive them down to around 2.5% or 3% and keep them there?

I don't know, but we just closed yesterday on our short sale purchase, 30 yr fixed at 3.9 (the guy says right now it would be 4.2 or so, we locked a couple of weeks ago) and couldn't be happier with the rate [or the house] Smile

I'm issuing a bond on my home. It matures in 40 years at which time you can swap that bond at a 80% loss.

And I will voluntarily accept the loss so you don't default.

With gas currently at ~$3.50, that'll only get you ~40 miles

just paid 3.999 this morning.....

I do find it at odd that new home mortgage purchase applications are so much lower than the supposed contracts for new homes.

c'mon now, we all know everybody is paying cash...

doesn't cutting minimum wage reduce the tax base?

True justice would dictate that the idiots that rioted in Greece today show up for work tomorrow and be assigned the task of cleaning it all up..

pragmatists would call that job security

History always repeats, if you know where to look.

and thanks for the lesson, professor.

With all the basing of Germany and France going in here, it's worth remembering that it was voters from the self-professed Cradle Of Democracy that chose to create this mess.

no, it wasn't. they didn't elect papademos.

neither did the cow

the job or the joke?

3) the promise of 60,000,000 francs in loans from the Great Powers, which kept these nations involved in Greek internal affairs and the Crown constantly seeking to please one or the other power to ensure the flow of funds.

The UK and the Rothschild bank, who were underwriting the Greek loans, insisted on financial stringency from Armansperg. The Greeks were soon more heavily taxed than under Turkish rule;[2] as the people saw it, they had exchanged a hated Ottoman tyranny, which they understood, for government by a foreign bureaucracy, the "Bavarocracy"

Otto of Greece - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ha, he was a german, and greece was controlled by france, england and russia. the more things change the more they stay the same...

I have to say the Greece police seem to be handling being fire bombed pretty well

Dream Police

I mean, how fucking hot can the stove be?

doesn't matter, kermit doesn't feel it heating up when he is sitting on it...

I paid $4.03 for the cheap stuff on Friday.

and we are down to about 3.83 here in san diego

Anyone find a reference by what margin the vote passed?

big- 236 out of 300 yay

kermit! did i do it right?

give me an over/under on +225 tomorrow on the dow...

"We are facing destruction. Our country, our home, has become ripe for burning, the centre of Athens is in flames. We cannot allow populism to burn our country down," conservative lawmaker Costis Hatzidakis told parliament.

well, maybe it is populism because the majority of people are opposed to the yay vote?

Something about dropping 5 deer with 7 rounds of .22 LR ( with a depredation permit, noise was a consideration) none of which made it more than 30 feet.

the rounds or the deer? Wink

He's dead but maybe his Harley still runs.


wasn't the greek yay/nay supposed to be at 5pm eastern?

What if you held an election and nobody wanted to run for some of the spots?

or what if you had a government where many of the leaders were not elected by the people? why wait until april for elections?

Are you telling us photos lie?

They add 10 lbs, don't they?

Nemo's Monkey

ahhhh, zillow zillow zillow, a company that can't come within a country mile of an accurate price...

Sorry to be on topic but can someone explain how cutting private sector wages 20% helps Greece out of their financial mess?

b/c if they can figure out what 20% of income is, then they can calculate and (maybe) collect proper amount of income tax? maybe?

just got home and haven't read thread, (probably linked already):
A Huge New Call On Housing That You Must Pay Attention To

congrats, CR , they gave you some nice kudos.

Merkel, Sarkozy Propose Setting Up Separate Interest Account for Greece - Bloomberg

ha, an escrow account, greece doesn't even have to get involved now and creditors will get paid

Sorry. I woke up with a migraine, so my brain is a bit addled.

another reason to drink, other than just being your birthday! Happy birthday. And Waitangi Day is our July 4, correct?

Found out yesterday a friend of mine is in the process of buying a house in Santa Clarita. They are buying a new house (Pardee), they said, because they are cheaper than buying an existing house. I thought that sounded like what a realtor would say.

I don't know about that here in san diego- between insane mello roos and hoa fees, you could by a lot more older home.

Our short sale purchase is progressing very quickly- closing tentatively for 2/24 (made offer jan. 9). Locked in 3.9 and zero points last week.

cobra driver- we got our short sale purchase approval yesterday. 3 weeks from offer to approval. Have to close escrow within a month.

well over €1 trillion.

some pocket change...

Thanks dryfly.
sdtfs- Poway. live in carmel valley right now. getting an acre and a huge house

just got our short sale purchase approved. wells fargo going to take a bath to the tune of a quarter mil. 3 weeks to the day from our offer.