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Is the Summer of Complacency over? Stay tuned.

The R2K has been awfully weak (on a relative basis) for some time now. If Q2 GDP disappoints, could get interesting.

I've been traveling.

Welcome back. Your absence was noticed.

What would the numbers look like if we include taxes and insurance payments?

Also vote for using median, rather than average. Pretty obvious mistake, IMO.

Michael Klare: Twenty-First-Century Energy Wars | Peak Energy & Resources, Climate Change, and the Preservation of Knowledge

"Syria was never a major oil producer, but its prewar production of some 400,000 barrels per day did provide the regime of Bashar al-Assad with a major source of income. Now, most of the country’s oil fields are under the control of rebel groups, including ISIS, the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, and local Kurdish militias. Although production from the fields has dropped significantly, enough is being extracted and sold through various clandestine channels to provide the rebels with income and operating funds. "

One very sad chart.

Yet, in ten years we'll probably look back at 2014 as the 'Good Ol' Days.'


As I have always suspected:

"My thesis is that soccer is an amalgam of random processes whose net effect produces rare events—those more-or-less unpredictable events spread more-or-less uniformly in time. Whether a good or bad bounce off the bar, a goal keeper who may or may not prevent a goal, a referee who may or may not see an illegal action, a pass that may or may not be intercepted, and on and on: the game is full of random, unpredictable events. So I expect soccer to behave similarly to a Poisson process and follow a Poisson distribution. By extension, I will claim that the attention devoted to the World Cup is founded on flimsy numerology and might even be called a tremendous waste of time and money. -"

Tuning in on Noise? | Do the Math

I'll see you and raise you:
YouTube - John Ashcroft - Let the Eagle Soar

Yoko still rockin' it out after all these years.

This Is One Of The Worst Live Performances You Will Ever See - Video

Merit badge for those who reach the end without begging for mercy-- or the sweet release of death.

As of January 2014:

90% of American adults have a cell phone
58% of American adults have a smartphone
32% of American adults own an e-reader

42% of American adults own a tablet computer

Wonder what % have none of these things?

The Rise of Corporate Impunity - ProPublica

"In 2009, the Obama administration appointed Lanny Breuer to lead the Justice Department's criminal division. Breuer quickly focused on professionalizing the operation, introducing the rigor of a prestigious firm like Covington & Burling, where he had spent much of his career. He recruited elite lawyers from corporate firms and the Breu Crew, as they would later be known, were repeatedly urged by Breuer to "take it to the next level."

But the crackdown never happened. "

Hey Mary, you'll get a (tragicomic) kick out of this one.

Confounded Interest | Mister Watt’s Neighborhood: FHFA Official Charged With Threats to Kill Ex-Director DeMarco

I can't help but wonder why the headline invokes Mr. Watts, or why his (caption-less) picture accompanies the article, as he doesn't seem to be implicated in the incident-- at least not by the information as presented.

On a completely unrelated note, to be sure, have you read this one?

BTW, LeBron James dunked the ball about an hour ago while staring down Michael Jordan

What an ignorant, childish ass. Does he have any idea what today's players owe to Jordan? (and, of course, Jordan to previous generations of players and fans).

We all stand on the shoulders of those who went before. All the strutting, swaggering self-aggrandizing bullshit is why I gave up watching professional sports so many years ago. And so ingrained has become the same type of behavior across all aspects of pop culture we can't even avoid it in daily life now.

Rickards make an interesting point. His argument is that the extensive literature about barter systems in history amounts to a fabrication; instead that a simple form of credit existed before the invention of currency, and that widespread historical use of barter is a myth.

Graeber discusses this at length as well in his book. Very much recommended. Debt: The First 5,000 Years eBook: David Graeber: Kindle Store

Comrade Kristina wrote:

Oh yeah, we saw a great blue heron at the swamp today.

My favorite heron:

Himeji Castle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And my favorite martian:
My Favorite Martian

Just heard about waffle gardening

I use this with corn. Works well.

For watering large plants, try this: use some rebar to make a 6-18" deep hole near the plant (depending on the plant), then slide a 1/4" piece of CPVC down the hole. Pour water into pipe. If it overflows or fills, lift it gently to allow some drainage down in the hole.

Usually, I've quite a few of these spread around, so I fill the pipes in a circuit. Usually, by the time I get back to the beginning, it's ready to be done again. If not, just do a little weeding, debugging, and pruning.

You can move the hole around a bit as the plant grows, to encourage root growth in whatever direction suits your needs.

Five gallons of water goes a long way with this method.

As an African-American, I think I know bad, from bad.

Then you can tell us, please, which is this?

YouTube - Diarrhea Dance

down 25 lbs on bean/lentil diet subbing for carbs..

Congrats! Feel better too, yes?

I have a sign outside: FREE SNOW.

Like empirical social science?
Add "DEN" and see what happens.

And they are just hog wild about riding bicycles in sub-zero temperatures...

Riding a bike would require leaving the house, which means turning off the video games. Not happenin'.

Can you say Peal Oil?

Dammit, should have said, "From the makers of Glod"


Can you say Peal Oil?

Never heard of it. Avon product?

The NIKKEI has crossed 15,000 and it is only lunch. Must be a bottom.

You like Japanese bottoms too?

Much as they have been for the last 4000 Dow points. You know, the 25% that they missed.

No worries, unlike extra pounds, those 4,000pts will come off just as quickly as they were put on. Maybe quicker.

If JPM doesn't double his salary, they risk losing their top talent to a competitor.

Damn right.

Remember though, the best way to attract the best and brightest into the teaching profession is to lower pay and benefits, increase work loads, and vilify them in political speeches and in the media. You know, for the kids' sake.

"It's his money-- he earned it. His 'private enterprise' turned a profit even after the intrusive government squeezed $20 billion in record fines out of them. Savvy!"

That's the spirit! Keep it up and that invite to Davos can't be far behind.

What should I care what my neighbor Jamie Dimon makes. It's not like the price of artichokes could ever triple.

It's only increases in minimum that cause price increases and unemployment, not executive pay increases.

Let's keep our economic thinking clear and consistent, Yogi.

Is there a name for performance art when you're your own audience?


Target to Drop Health Insurance for Part-Time Workers - Bloomberg

About time we stopped linking employment with health insurance. A painful way to get to a decent system, but USians have chosen their path.

basic training for robots is included when they're sold

Don't forget the batteries!

was a federal prosecutor and a sheriff and graduated cum laud from law school.

Positions of power, all. A lifetime of power for her, from the sounds of it. How dare such a small, pathetic, arty-guy like that question her.


s Valley Fever similar to Yellow Fever?

Who you callin' yella?


The American Heritage Dictionary says either usage is ok.


I have.

None have.

We have. They have.
He has. She has. It has.

Hey Antipodes,

Store was out of Kagayaki, but I found another good rice: Koda Farms, an heirloom varietal sold under the Kokuho Rose brand-- not the same as their regular Kokuo Rose rice, btw. Koda Farms produces only one crop per year, the store owner said, so won't be available for long.

Unfortunately, the store had only the 15 pound bags, so we'll need more by the end of next month. Good stuff though. Recommended, if you're looking for good rice.

A tip of the hat.

Backatchya for "exsanguinate". Great word. Plan to use it on some physician friends at some point.

And a fast food cheese burger would cost how much? And the rent would go up to?

Aussie min. wage laws

National minimum wage - Pay - Fair Work Ombudsman

Time magazine, June 24, 1974

I ALWAYS get the final word on scientific opinion from Time Magazine too. It's the Thinking Man's NAS.