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Exclusive: Tech firms HP, EMC call off merger talks - sources
| Reuters

Hewlett-Packard Co has ended merger talks with EMC Corp and may announce this development as soon as Wednesday, deciding to walk away after months of fruitless negotiations, people briefed on the matter told Reuters.

The official cessation of discussions to merge two of the tech industry's largest enterprise-oriented firms may come as a disappointment to activist investors Elliott Management, which has pushed hard for storage products maker EMC to pursue merger or spinoff opportunities.

Pressure is building on EMC as rival technology companies, such as eBay Inc and Symantec, begin spinning off operations in an attempt to unlock shareholder value, become more agile, and capitalize on faster-growing businesses.

It is unclear when talks ended following months-long discussions, the people said on condition of anonymity because the talks were private.

Executives from the two companies were still trying to hammer out a deal as recently as last week, but talks bogged down on price and are now dead, the people said.

Zombie mating!

With the Federal Reserve printing so much money, there's no way the price of oil could fall 20% over just a few months. We must be imagining lower gas prices.

If Ben understood personal finance, he wouldn't get a mortgage. A couple of speeches would pay off the existing mortgage.

I thought it was all about the Janets now.

Mortgage interest rates are too high!

josap wrote:

Who wants to chase kids around in their 60s?

Who wants to hire nannies to chase kids around in their 60s?

Though once they get into their 60's the kids slow down.

Rickkk wrote:

Apple and Facebook offer to freeze eggs for female staff - Telegraph

  1. So the male staff don't get their eggs frozen? Stare
  2. Do they pay for the surrogate mothers to have the baby while the mother's working overtime?

Outsider wrote:

I want less.

Did you offer her one of yours? Sharing is an important social skill.

Outsider wrote:

You could, but it wouldn't be any fun.

Might not be fun for you.

Outsider wrote:

If everything went right, we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves.

I'm sure I could think of something.

Former Idealist wrote:

Can see this might be an issue?

You think it needs to be higher?

Headlines from the future: Germany prepares spending cuts as tax revenues declines.

Are we building the absentee ownership society?

JP wrote:

letting weak institutions go bankrupt

Sony is too big to fail!

curious wrote:

how QE could work if we just tried harder.

Or the Finance Ministry officials could have their own tour: Deflation through Higher Taxes..

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

Would you want that job?

Job security.

Agile developer? I thought you wanted an Argyle Developer!

Irish tax changes may cost U.S. groups billions
| Reuters

Ireland's plan to close a "Double Irish" tax loophole could cost U.S. companies including Apple and Google billions of dollars, although a new break and pressure to tackle tax avoidance elsewhere means they are unlikely to decamp.

Analysts and tax advisers predict that corporations which need access to the EU's 500 million consumers will find it difficult to set up equally effective schemes in other member states as Brussels investigates arrangements that involve paying minimal tax rates.

"The question is where do you go to? There's nowhere else in the European Union. It's just getting too hot," said George Bull, head of the tax practice at advisory group Baker Tilly.

Ireland has been an attractive base for U.S. multinationals for decades, thanks to a tax regime which allows companies to channel profits made in their major markets through the country and into tax havens, paying little tax along the way.

Following pressure from the United States and EU, the Dublin government said on Tuesday it planned to change a rule underpinning this system which allows a company to be registered in Ireland but not resident there for tax purposes.

This change aims to shut down "Double Irish" schemes, so-called because they involve multinationals setting up two Irish subsidiaries. But with the government anxious not to lose the jobs that multinationals have brought to Ireland, Finance Minister Michael Noonan said firms already operating such schemes would have until 2020 to comply with the new rules.

I"ll have a double Irish to go.

poicv2.0 wrote:

You hire a company

You write a game app and then people pay you to do the work (Where's Waldo?)

poicv2.0 wrote:

Not a lot of new technology/software.

Isn't there some Wave thing out?

Google set to lead $500 million investment in Magic Leap: tech website
| Reuters

Google Inc and other investors are planning to invest about $500 million in hardware and software developer Magic Leap Inc to deliver "cinematic reality", technology website Re/Code said, citing sources.


Airplane wings are supposed to flap like a bird. My cousin the A.E. Ph.D. candidate told me that.

Nemo wrote:

none were in eyeshot.

They all bailed already?

Up 1%
Onward and Upward (very slowly..)

Not a Person Of Intense Character?

Is Russia now a wholly owned subsidiary of China now?

Wisdom Seeker wrote:

third most liquid

A bond ETF was illiquid on a day when the bond market is closed. Certainly, a sign of the end times.

josap wrote:


Russia will take a while.

Venezuela Default Almost Certain, Harvard Economists Say - Bloomberg

Venezuela should default on its foreign debt as a shortage of dollars makes it impossible for the government to meet its citizens’ basic needs, Harvard University economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff said.

The economy is so badly managed that per-capita gross domestic product is 2 percent below 1970 levels, the professors wrote in an opinion piece published by Project Syndicate today. A decade of currency controls has made dollars scarce in the country with the world’s biggest oil reserves, causing shortages of everything from deodorant to airplane tickets.

“Given that the government is defaulting in numerous ways on its domestic residents already, the historical cross-country probability of an external default is close to” 100 percent, Reinhart and Rogoff wrote. “External default would be a good thing.”

The suggestion that the country stop servicing its bonds comes a month after Harvard colleagues Ricardo Hausmann and Miguel Angel Santos wrote that Venezuela should consider defaulting given that it was piling up arrears to importers. Venezuela owes about $21 billion to domestic companies and airlines, according to Caracas-based consultancy Ecoanalitica.

Venezuelan debt is the riskiest in the world, yielding 15.42 percentage points more than similar maturity Treasuries, according to data compiled by JPMorgan Chase & Co. The cost to insure the country’s bonds against default with credit-default swaps is also the highest for any government globally.

Wisdom Seeker wrote:

sell if it breaks below the triple bottom.

Aren't you afraid that everyone is going to put in stop loss order just below the triple bottom so that it is does break, the orders might end up filling 2% lower?

I believe Saudi Arabia is driving down oil prices in order to capture the World Curling Championship away from Canada.

He's not a very good table. He keeps moving.

Hey, the up button on this elevator doesn't seem to work!

Belmont wrote:

The self importance around here.

Really, you fit right in.

Jackdawracy wrote:

Chinese movie star agent.

A movie star agent that's Chinese.?
An agent that specializes in stars of Chinese movies?
An agent for a movie star with Chinese characteristics?

Belmont wrote:

Still waiting for apology Rajesh

If you can't stand the heat, don't sleep in the oven.

Real estate agents need more bust!

As the Academy of HCN Posters prepares to send out the ballots for this year's Oh, I Love Trash! prizes, rumor is that Belmont is nominated in the category of Most Annoying New Poster.

Personally, I think Kim Jong Un's plan to build alpine ski resorts and turn North Korea into the Switzerland of East Asia isn't going to pan out.

Land mines really aren't an innovation in downhill skiing.

Jackdawracy wrote:

Don't you think that even the bankers would have a hard time with NJ?

The Chinese will buy anything.

poicv2.0 wrote:

They don't make caskets that large

Cremation dude! It's greener than burial, though it does make global warming worse.

Outsider wrote:

opted for surgery

On both ankles?

Outsider wrote:

we all go out with nothing,

I'm taking my stupidity with me! So, there.

Cinco-X wrote:

What did Columbus report as his discovery?

Columbus maintained that he had found a route to the Indies (spice islands) and he maintained that to the end, though he had plenty of evidence (including a total absence of spices) to the contrary.

Outsider wrote:

Toof unny.

Tooth Funny?

Cinco-X wrote:

Didn't they call the islands the West Indies?

Not Columbus. Later, people figured out there was a East Indies (mainly owned by Indonesia) and a West Indies and they were no where near each other.

Do wealthy geek replace their teeth with Wiv a Little Bit of Luck ?

Jackdawracy wrote:

new way to China

He was looking for the spice islands. He found islands but never got any spices. In his mind spices came from India ( which he didn't distinguish from Indonesia.) If he had known better, he might have called them Indonesians.