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Define "some".

Stay in the Eurozone, set up a parallel currency to monetize government IOUs, make cuts in government spending. We're not talking about big amounts of money. They're only asking for 8 billion euros. The Pentagon loses track of that amount each month.

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They can't deliver. They'd like to, but they can't.

They can deliver but only by accepting some pain. They want to painlessly deliver. Which they can't.

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they are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place.

They don't have the intelligence and courage to deliver on their campaign promises.

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Who gave Bill the afternoon off?

He got permission from Janet since she isn't going to change policy today.

Blackhalo wrote:

I wonder if that buys you access to the Fed minutes before others?

If you want the Fed minutes early, you have to pay the Vampire Squid from Hell .

josap wrote:

Has to be the 10th time Greece has submitted a list.

Rather than waiting for the Eurogroup to approve it (like that's ever going to happen), they intend to just pass the bill and hope they get a fish thrown at them for performing the trick.

Another soap opera update:
Greece prepares reform bill, lenders seek concessions
| Reuters

Euro zone officials sought to wring policy concessions from Greece on Wednesday to unlock urgently needed aid after Athens said it would present a list of reforms for legislation to show it is serious about implementing its promises.

The draft bill was not expected to include major novelties beyond measures already discussed with EU and IMF lenders, but Athens is hoping it will speed up slow-moving talks and permit at least an initial deal to ease its searing cash crunch.

The reforms, including some privatizations and tax steps, were to be outlined to senior euro zone finance ministry officials in Brussels on Wednesday. They will be assessed in more detail when technical-level teams from Greece and the lenders meet on Thursday, Greek government officials said.

Despite lenders' scepticism, Greece's government is hoping an interim deal can be struck before a May 12 payment of 750 million euros to the IMF that Greek officials have suggested could be difficult to make without more aid.

Pimco hires Bernanke as senior adviser
| Reuters

Former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke is joining bond giant Pimco as a senior adviser, as the firm seeks to bolster its star power following the departure of co-founder Bill Gross.

The move may be questioned by some competitors who had criticized the Fed during Bernanke's reign for being too close to Pimco, whose full name is Pacific Investment Management Co. The critics suggested that could have potentially given the Newport Beach, California-based firm an advantage in interpreting monetary policy.

In an interview, Bernanke, who only last week announced he'd signed on to consult for the hedge fund Citadel, said he will restrict his Wall Street advisory roles to just the two firms. He also works at the Brookings Institution.

News Release: Gross Domestic Product 

The price index for gross domestic purchases, which measures prices paid by U.S. residents, decreased 1.5 percent in the first quarter, compared with a decrease of 0.1 percent in the fourth.

That must be a typo, right?

Alibaba's Ma says freezing hiring after growing 'too quickly': report
| Reuters

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is freezing hiring for the rest of the year because it has grown "too quickly", Executive Chairman Jack Ma told staff.

"Alibaba has really developed too quickly ... this year our entire group headcount will not go up by one person," Ma said, according to a transcript of the April 23 speech carried on Alibaba's official messaging app Laiwang.

He, however, said the company will replace employees who leave. "When one leaves, we'll bring one in," Ma added.

The hiring freeze came to light about a week ahead of Alibaba is due to report March quarter earnings on May 7. In January, Alibaba, which handles more online commerce than Inc and eBay Inc combined, reported slowing revenue growth. [ID:nL4N0V85W8]

Headcount had been growing quickly at Alibaba. As of Dec. 31, 2014, the company had 34,081 employees, a 63 percent increase from a year earlier, the company said in January.

The statement will leave open the possibility of June rate hike, which will disappoint the market.

Mortgage interest rates are too high!

creditcriminalslovetarp wrote:

Musk will get it done

Next you'll tell me he's going to die on Mars.

There's voluntarily going off grid and there's involuntarily going off grid.

Lever up Bitchez,
Gundlach Weighs 100-Times Levered Bet Against German Bonds - Bloomberg Business

DoubleLine Capital’s Jeffrey Gundlach said he’s considering making an amplified bet against German bonds to join a growing group of top money managers wagering against the debt after some yields turned negative.

“Let’s say you leverage up the German two-year 100 times, that’s a 20 percent return,” Gundlach said in a Bloomberg Television interview with Erik Schatzker on Tuesday at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California, referring to the potential short.

Safe as houses!

josap wrote:

do use the transmission lines.

When is the Tesla battery coming out?

Outsider wrote:

So if this is actually a hologram, mathematically speaking, we're just an illusion?

The hologram stretch two dimensions to three dimensions. Just a more compact way of describing the same thing.

Nemo wrote:

I gave up on America when they bailed out the banks

You were around in 1837? Some of America's best days came after that.

josap wrote:

most State Gov want to drown the public unions.

But not police and fireman, which are friendly public unions.

Nemo wrote:

Warren does not have a chance.

But if she got a sex change...

sum luk wrote:

what Janet might say

Janet doesn't have to say anything. The market will go up because of what Janet didn't say.

Selerity reveals Twitter results ahead of schedule
| Reuters

Micro-blogging website Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) had lower-than-expected quarterly revenue, according to market data firm Selerity, which revealed the earnings numbers before the company's scheduled announcement.

Twitter, which allows users to broadcast 140-character messages, had revenue of $436 million in the first quarter, according to Selerity.

Excluding items, the company earned 7 cents per share, Selerity said on its Twitter page.

Analysts on average had expected Twitter to earn 4 cents per share on revenue of $456.8 million, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

Vampire Squid from Hell
Goldman sees $1 trillion lift in 2015 via U.S. stock buybacks, dividends
| Reuters

Investors will rake in more than $1 trillion in 2015 as U.S. companies increase stock buybacks and boost dividends, Goldman Sachs Group Inc said, with benefits coming soon as many S&P 500 companies exit a blackout period for repurchases next week.

The firm forecasts an 18 percent jump in buybacks and 7 percent climb in dividends for the year.

"Corporate activity in early 2015 supports our view that the S&P 500 will return more than $1 trillion of cash to investors this year," said David Kostin, chief U.S. equity strategist at Goldman in New York said in an April 24 note to clients.

Next week more than 80 percent of the Standard & Poor's 500 market cap companies will have exited the "blackout period" in which share repurchases are put on hold prior to quarterly results announcements.

Companies that make those cash infusions see an automatic increase in their per-share earnings and dividend yield, Goldman noted. That tends to raise their share prices, which will bolster the broader market, it added.

Goldman has highlighted Allstate Corp (ALL.N), Apple Inc (AAPL.O) and Northrop Grumman Corp (NOC.N) as cash-rich companies likely to repurchase their own shares. Apple announced on Monday a $50 billon boost to its buyback authorization and an 11 percent increase to its quarterly dividend.

That's a lot of bets against the future.

KarmaPolice wrote:

US prison system is filled with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome babies.

Enough about the guards.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

the money for the overpriced houses is going to come from?

Tax cuts for the super-wealthy?

U.S. homeownership dips, but household formation rises
| Reuters

Household formation, however, increased by 1.5 million in the first quarter from the same period in 2014. It was up 1.7 million in the fourth quarter.

"This is a signal of something very positive that should flow through the economy. We should see better numbers in terms of home sales, housing starts and spending around housing than we are now," said Steve Blitz, chief economist at ITG Investment Research in New York.After a lackluster performance in the past year, housing is expected take the baton from weak business investment - especially energy-related capital expenditure - and together with consumer spending drive the economy in 2015.

With many Americans still showing an aversion to homeownership, the gains in household formation largely are being driven by renters. That should provide a boost to home building, especially in the multi-family segment of the market.

A strengthening labor market is encouraging young adults to move out of their parents' homes, as well as from accommodation shared with friends and relatives.

"A long overdue upturn in household formation, as more young adults leave the parental home, could provide a significant boost to home building over the coming years," said Ed Stansfield, chief property economist at Capital Economics in London.

arthur_dent wrote:

they are betting against the future.

Can you blame them for betting on the favorite?

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

At a galaxy-size empire scope, ground warfare should be mostly a numbers game you click through...

That doesn't leave room for Ewoks!

Blackhalo wrote:

It's amazing what the effects of the Fed loading up on $1.73 trillion in MBS is.

Back in 1998 when the two graphs diverged?

Yoringe wrote:

Hows the Lootathlon going in one of yoUSe Finest Citys?

The looting continues in Washington, D.C.

josap wrote:

The consumer confidence index dropped to 95.2 from a revised 101.4 in March

Onward and Upward!

I heard that they are beginning bidding on the next generation bomber, because, you know, you never know when we might need to bomb the Soviet Union.

So how much more money will Greece have after they change their finance minister?

Can you use food stamps to buy guns and bullets?

I'm waiting to see how Ted Cruz or Scott Walker takes command of the situation.

Feckless Ness wrote:

In what universe does the buyer of these loans make a profit?

The loans are purchased at a deep discount to face value. If they can modify the loans to get borrowers paying again or if they can sell the collateral for a sufficient price, they may recover more than they paid for the loans.

bearly wrote:

the converse is also quite true.

Are the residents paid a salary to deal with the police?

sporkfed wrote:

Who was the poster here who moved to Baltimore awhile back ?

emergency hotdog | Hoocoodanode?

So how much of the decline in the delinquency rate is due to resolving mortgage and how much due to selling off delinquent mortgages?

Freddie Mac completes largest sale ever of seriously delinquent loans | 2015-03-27 | HousingWire

poicv2.0 wrote:

What about Freedom Tanks bearing Freedom Fries?

So the tanks would have cannon that hurled hot fries into the crowd? Fiendish!

Antipodes wrote:

American paramilitarised police do not help to calm down the situation.

I don't think that's their objective.

Antipodes wrote:

waited this long

What's the point if the cameras aren't rolling?

Blackhalo wrote:

Cause that sounds recessionary.

Only if you're a craft brewery.

T minus seven months and counting...

Just because the current government is bad, doesn't mean that their replacements are any better. Just ask the French and the Russians.

The idea of Iran as a middle east superbankruptcy is chilling.