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robj wrote:

The South is always refighting the War of Northern Aggression.

The South is always refighting reopening the War of Northern Aggression.

Outsider wrote:

This probably isn't the best time to get trapped in Greece.

Is Syria or Ukraine any better?

Tesla shares get late boost on April Fool's press release
| Reuters

With about five minutes remaining in the trading day, the company posted a statement on its official website under the headline: "Announcing the Tesla Model W."

In the following minute, the stock jumped about $1.50 or about 0.75 percent from its level the moment before to as high as $188.50.

Nearly 400,000 shares traded in that time, and it was the heaviest one minute of trading volume in the stock since the opening 60 seconds of trading on Feb 12.

Tesla shares quickly retraced most of that upward move and ended the session at $187.59, down 0.63 percent from Tuesday's close.

The Tesla statement appeared to be a parody of the recent announcement by Apple Inc. (AAPL.O) that it was launching a computerized wrist watch product later this month called the Watch.

The first paragraph said: "Tesla today announced a whole new product line called the Model W. As many in the media predicted, it's a watch. That's what the "W" stands for."

"This is in no way a competitive response to what some other company is doing," the release concluded.

Reuters and at least one other news organization published headlines based on the statement.

"We have withdrawn the headlines and regret putting out the material," a Reuters spokeswoman said.

Isn't the most valuable part of a golf course the water rights?

McDonald's Corp raising average worker wage to around $10
| Reuters

McDonald's Corp (MCD.N) plans to raise the average pay of about 90,000 U.S. workers to around $10, the fast-food giant said on Wednesday, but the move will not affect workers at the vast majority of the restaurants, which are operated by franchisees.

The move by McDonald's, which is also adding benefits like paid vacations, follows entry-level wage hikes by Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT.N) and other chain stores in response to frequent worker protests calling for higher pay and better working conditions.

McDonald's has been fighting weak traffic and slumping sales in the United States.

The 10 percent pay hike for workers at roughly 1,500 company-operated U.S. restaurants will roll in on July 1.

poicv2.0 wrote:

Does anyone know whether a manipulated inverted yield indicator helps pinpoint coming recessions?

There is a 26% probability that it does.

dilbert dogbert wrote:

They missed all the fun that HCN has in its poo flinging contests.

Is 'fun' a new slang for an unspeakable substance?

Outsider wrote:

I hate to say I told you so

I don't believe you.

T minus seven months and counting...

Mortgage interest rates are too high!

Hu Knows
Weak demand weighs on China factory, services firms in March, more easing seen
| Reuters

Surveys of China's manufacturing and services sectors showed persistent weakness in the world's second-biggest economy in March, adding to bets that Beijing will have to roll out more policy support to avert a sharper slowdown.

The official Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI), released by the National Bureau of Statistics on Wednesday, edged up to 50.1 in March from February's 49.9.

Although that was stronger than 49.7 predicted by analysts in a Reuters poll, it was barely above the 50-point level that separates an expansion in activity from a contraction, suggesting factory activity remains tepid at best.

In another sign that businesses faced lackluster demand, a separate survey of China's services sector showed the official non-manufacturing PMI fell to 53.7 from February's 53.9, hugging a one-year low of 53.7 struck in January.

"Demand in local and foreign markers remained on the soft side, so manufacturing businesses faced a degree of downward pressure," said Zhao Qinghe, a senior analyst at a research center linked to the statistics bureau.

Jackdawracy wrote:

Meth Family Robinson" attempting to domicile up.

Meth heads need a place to burn down, just like anyone else.

I thought Yemen was a proxy war between Iran and Lockheed Martin/Boeing consortium.

poicv2.0 wrote:

2 cookies to start.
1 cookie every 4-6 hours, or as needed

Is a low calorie diet the best idea from fighting the flu?

Belmont wrote:


Stoppage time.

Belmont wrote:

Guess you struggle with ex food and energy

If you don't eat or drive, there's no deflation.

Belmont wrote:

How's that deflation call working out Rajesh?

Twelve month CPI has bounced up to 0.0%. It's downhill from there, especially if this Iran deal goes through.

Outsider wrote:

we'd be unhappy people living in a dysfunctional society.

Isn't that what we are now?

Outsider wrote:

Google has allowed me to form firm convictions on subjects I never, heretofore, knew existed.

I've always had firm convictions on subjects I'd never heard of.

yuan wrote:

The radical left is coming...

Yaaaaawwwn It's take them a while to talk people to death.

josap wrote:

Wouldn't several other countries then be required to leave as well?

Everyone except Estonia.

It's contained!
Berkshire's Buffett says Grexit 'may not be bad' for euro zone: CNBC
| Reuters

Warren Buffett, the billionaire chief executive officer and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc, said Tuesday that an exit by Greece from the euro zone could be constructive for the region.

"If it turns out the Greeks leave, that may not be a bad thing for the euro," Buffett told cable television network CNBC. He said a Greek exit from the euro zone could lead member countries to come to better agreement about fiscal policy.

"If everybody learns that the rules mean something and if they come to general agreement about fiscal policy among members or something of the sort, they mean business, that could be a good thing," Buffett said.

Belmont wrote:

And do you think that is an accurate picture of what the bonds should be priced at?


Rob Dawg wrote:

Zero rate.

Those are called Dollars.

Collapsing corporate earnings can only mean that interest rates won't rise, allowing P/E ratios to become even more astronomical.

Is the FOMC contemplating raising interest rates because 0% inflation is the new 2%?

I'm glad the people on Indiana are finally standing up for the right to persecute Christians!

I'm sure the thirty million barrels of oil that Iran has waiting for sanctions to be lifted will have absolutely no effect on the price of crude oil.

U.S. consumer spending tepid; savings at two-year high
| Reuters

Last month, income rose 0.4 percent after a similar gain in January. Savings jumped to $768.6 billion, the highest level since December 2012, from $728.7 billion in January.

The saving rate rose to 5.8 percent, also the highest since December 2012, from 5.5 percent in January.

Belmont wrote:

Why do church vans always seem to crash?

Intelligent Design?

Jackdawracy wrote:

If sideburns were named after a Civil War general named Burnside, why'd they switch the words around?

In England they are called side whiskers.

Sebastian wrote:

We all know what this means, of course.

We do?

josap wrote:

Today would be a good day for the Fed to raise rates.

T minus eight months and counting...

Real PCE decreased by 0.1% -- Onward and upward!

josap wrote:

Saving or paying down debt?

Or not borrowing at the same pace.

EngineerJim wrote:

Let the Shiites and Sunnis fight it out.

Isn't that George Bush's Iraq policy?

Rob Dawg wrote:

Got Bill elected.

I thought that was H. Ross Perot? Unless that was Hilliary in a disguise.

Greek Debt Deal Swoon!
Greek bailout in further doubt | The Australian

Greek proposals for a revised bailout program don't have enough detail to satisfy the government's international creditors, eurozone officials said, making it more likely that Athens will need to go several more weeks without a new infusion of desperately-needed cash.

Officials from Greece's leftist government were in Brussels over the weekend to present the proposals to officials from the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund -- the trio of institutions representing the government's creditors. Getting their thumbs-ups is crucial for Athens to regain access to bailout funds and restore normal lending from the ECB.

The Greek government is facing a dire shortage of cash: It must pay salaries and pensions at the end of the month and repay debts to the IMF on April 9. While talks over the weekend were friendly, officials said, mistrust at a political level continues to stew between the outspoken government in Athens and the rest of the eurozone.

sm_landlord wrote:

like a demolition derby

Have they sold the Pay-Per-View rights yet?

Whiskey wrote:

the issue is that the debt is a mechanism for the redistribution of wealth that is counterproductive in the aggregate

I'm not so much opposed to the redistribution of wealth as to the redistribution of non-existing wealth.

KarmaPolice wrote:

he made them all look like fools

You can't blame Obama for making them look like fools, he had nothing to do with it!

Sebastian wrote:

making significant positive contributions.

Senate just passed a budget with $5 trillion in social spending cuts over the next ten years. Could be a wait.

vtcodger wrote:

Something with fewer potential consequences

Let's leave important jobs to people too dumb to understand the consequences!

Isn't El Nino supposed to fix the man drought?

The $50 device that symbolizes a shift in North Korea
| Reuters

"The North Korean government takes their national ideology extremely seriously, so the spread of all this media that competes with their propaganda is a big and growing problem for them," said Sokeel Park of Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), an organization that works with defectors.

"If Pyongyang fails to successfully adapt to these trends, they could threaten the long-term survival of the regime itself."

North Koreans have been spending money more openly, a sign that some forms of entrepreneurship are increasingly tolerated and that the state is easing some of its harsh controls over the economy. In recent months, consumption has become more conspicuous.