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Everything appears to be plunging back up... Its not easy being green

poicv2.0 wrote:

KD linked the Confederate flag, slavery, Malaysia, modern day slavery, Obama, TPP and property rights together in less than half a paragraph.
//golf clap

Laughing out loud Always entertaining. And the comments of his Minions® (now playing!) are almost as much fun to read...

Jeez... can't we all just get along? Come on, let's all go round the bend, hop on the short bus, and take a trip down memory lane to the home of Spittle Boy! The blog has gone Galt, but the bloviation lives on. Party

sm_landlord wrote:

The must be thicker than I thought

We can dream, can't we. Wink Good to see all you familiar faces too! Steel Toed Bunny Slipper

Antipodes wrote:

And, JBR! Good to see you.
Must be some good worldly doom about.

lol. It'll all blow over in a few days, and we'll go back to our lives of quiet desperation. Or not. 1) Denial 2) Anger 3) Bargaining 4) Depression 5) Acceptance

sm_landlord wrote:

because unless you're in "the industry", it makes no financial sense to live in town.

It's making less sense even if you're in "the industry". Really sort of boggles the mind. Seriously, who are all these people filling the 10,00 restaurants at all hours, shopping at the "boutiques" that have replaced every small business on virtually every street east of Western? Must all be furriners!

barfly wrote:

Hello to all from way back

And hello to you, from the same epoch. Smile The Dooooooooooooooom!!! brings us all back... Gee, our old LaSalle ran great

Happy Winter Solstice Holiday!!! Steel Toed Bunny Slipper

sm_landlord wrote:

Real sweet of the Saudis to ship us tankers full of deflation

No doubt as soon as the shale oil boomtowns have been turned to ghost towns, they'l fill them right back up with inflation. Smile

What I'm really saying, is where's my No one 17 and under admitted Black Swan ?!?! Tongue

Tom Stone wrote:

JBR, while exact timing ( Catching the exact top or bottom) is mostly a matter of luck, buying and selling reasonably close to a top or bottom is a matter of paying attention.
It matters a hell of a lot more to some people than others!

Oh, for sure. I actually was paying attention, I just expected there would be a more gradual rise. By the time our first year was up, things here were rocketing back to just about where they were at the top. Oh well. Due to the fact that no-one but "trust fund babies", "investors" and "rich foreigners" can truly afford prices here, I'm hoping it's not sustainable. If I'm wrong, well, we've got a great rented house, great LL, and I can easily bug out out when Droughtmageddon begins! Tinfoil Hat

Whiskey wrote:

If it makes you feel better, housing prices are clearly in the midst of a minor downturn, based on every piece of evidence I've seen.

Lol... As a potential buyer, yes it does. Sadly (or not) I scored a great rental at the "bottom", and then watched as everything here (90048-ish) shot right back up to ridiculousness. Timing is everything. And impossible. My Head Just Exploded Big smile

burnside wrote:

Hail, stranger.
And yes about noise, though I imagine I'm more culprit than not.

Smile I'm sure as we hear more about Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble popping (my interest) and Dooooooooooooooom!!! , the noise will abate. Plus I miss the porkoglyphics!

burnside wrote:

What year is this? I see JBR among the 'currently online'!

lol... I still lurk occasionally, but since everything is rosy and wonderful, not as much. It's depressing. Wink But the last couple threads have actually had some RE related content(that isn't Its not easy being green ) buried in the deafening noise, so I'm hanging around. Smile

sm_landlord wrote:

The only sector I know of that is not already overbuilt is apartment buildings.

If my 'hood (90048-ish) is any indication, they're working on fixing that oversight...

Rob Dawg wrote:

Rapid price rise stalls. Sales decline. Inventory explodes. It seems I remember this scenario but it was so long ago...

Location, location, whatever. Here in 90048 it's still party time! V Stiviano lives here, it's different. Every little house that comes up sells, followed by Elvis is in the house! then Im Lovin It! and a line of Fat Cat . Weeee... Facepalm

justaskin wrote:

Since mp passed

When was that? Any info? Clearly I haven't been around much lately....

lawyerliz wrote:

some fruits ( mangoes) only fruit heavily every other year.

Got one of those as well. Seems to have quite a few fruits on it this year, we'll see if they make it to maturity...

vtcodger wrote:

Cherimoya will grow in California. Not enthusiastically, but you'll probably get at least a few fruit.
It'll be cheaper and easier to buy them at the supermarket.

I've got 2 trees in the yard. Seems to vary year to year. Swimming in fruit one year, just a few the next. Either way, enough to get sick of eating them.Wink

Thread music. For the children, by the children!

YouTube - Aaralyn & Izzy- Zombie Song

Evil My Head Just Exploded

Rob Dawg wrote:

SF cyclists want the protections of footies and the law of rollers. they need to choose or risk backlash.

Or, they can join Critical Mass here in LA, and ride across town with police escorts shutting down intersections as they go... My Head Just Exploded

creditcriminalslovetarp wrote:

Up in the city...

Only New Yorkers are allowed to use that term. Wink You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! Damn you all to hell!


JBR wrote:
This: garden of allah - Google Search is what it was written about. RE greed has pretty destroyed LA's charm, which it really did used to have...
Rob Dawg wrote
No, repeatedly failed urban planning fantasies destroyed Los Angeles.

Well, call it what you will. I call tearing down beautiful estates for shopping malls, cute duplexes for apartment boxes, Nice bungalows for lot line to lot line mcmansions etc etc, RE Greed. It happens everywhere of course, but LA, since it's inception, has been a city of RE speculators. There are still a couple large industries left, but it seems like the biggest part of the economy here is money chasing money. Actually, I blame Prop 13. Wink

vtcodger wrote:

Google Joni Mitchell -- Big Yellow Taxi

This: garden of allah - Google Search is what it was written about. RE greed has pretty destroyed LA's charm, which it really did used to have...

poicv2.0 wrote:

Sorry I meant 500 point move

Who cares? Our glorious Dow futures are Its not easy being green U S A!

--- - .. ... .... . .-. - --.. wrote:

Super, this must mean I get my privacy and civil rights back!

-. --- .--. .

poicv2.0 wrote:

I can give you pointers.

lol. I defer to your Crown

robj wrote:

I knew the Nikkei was up big time, but that one year chart is the near side of a volcano.

The 5yr looks like a caldera... Volcanic Analysis! I'm starting a newsletter! Eeexelent!

robj wrote:

How low can it go?

headed back up now, nothing to worry about... BtFD

robj wrote:

Down 2.5%--nothing. Only a flesh wound.

Well, it was -1.7 when I posted, and now it's -3.29 Smile

robj wrote:

Is Nikkei drilling down to the subterranean lava belt again tonight, or is it normalizing?

Bad sushi for lunch apparently...
N225 - Nikkei 225 -

sportsfan wrote:

All grab your focus. The first one is superb. Wasn't 'stairway to nowhere' a hit by Led Zepplin?

I love pics like these. There are some great albums on the 'tubes of abandoned amusement parks and other things. This guy also happens to be a great photographer. And I believe "Stairway to Nowhere" would be be a mashup of Zeppelin and Talking Heads. Smile Led Heads...

Well, egregiously OT, but here's a fun time waster. Pics of abandoned things. Smile

dietmar eckell - restwert

Love, #24

sm_landlord wrote:

It also says that the bomb "cratered the sidewalk" but did not contain high explosive. Seems like it would have to be one or the other - a gunpowder bomb wouldn't seem to be able to blow a crater in a concrete sidewalk.

Yes, except that there are pictures of the first blast site, with no crater. Just a burned area where it appears it went off. Lemme try and dig it up...

Photos: Explosions rock marathon finish line
(Photo 6 of 26) - Pictures - The Boston Globe

Whiskey wrote:

There's a lot of aspiration asperation on this thread. Fixed It For Ya

Blackhalo wrote:

Weird that a group of armatures, working for free/self-interest in collaboration, is better at producing real news, than the news "professionals?" What are you? Some kind of Linux zealot?

Free the Software! Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury To be fair, it's a Boston Globe site, but, yeah... it had the most factual info as this was unfolding of anything I looked at. Kudos to the tweeters (twits?), and to whoever was editing the live feed. Smile

Externalized Costs wrote:

I see there is a Saudi national being held for acting suspicious after the blast. Perfect. The narrative can now be spun so many ways through the inert-tubz.

Being a former Bostonian, i've been following stuff at the live blog, which has now morphed into a story. Generally, I was hearing things on TV (ball bearings, cell service off, prisoners in custody etc. etc.) that had all been debunked before it hit the "air". Actual, reasoned reporting, even the tweet's were sensible. Weird. Dont Panic!

Whiskey wrote:

sipping rye while eating haute Dorito cuisine!

Like this?

Taco Bell® | Cool Ranch® Doritos® Locos Taco Supreme

robj wrote:

Moose--and squirrel.

Delicious, if properly cooked. Om-nom-nom-nom

Comrade Kristina wrote:

We've clearly lost all sense of sanity.

I blame the internet. Tinfoil Hat

josap wrote:

Got a reply to the email I sent mp a few days ago. Just wanted to post his reply.
josap, thanks very much for your message. I'm comfortable and reasonably engaged while fading away.

Sad For mp... YouTube - Buddy Holly - Not Fade Away 

Tom Stone wrote:

keep in mind that half the drivers have an IQ below 100 by definition, and today more than half will be intoxicated.

Which is why I'll be staying in a hotel post-party, and driving home in the early afternoon. Well after the "I'll wait til the sun comes up to drive home drunk" contingent is off the road. Happy New Year! Real French Sparkly

Happy Merry To All, and a special thanks to CR for... everything. As usual. And Ken, thanks for keeping our little clubhouse on the tubes! Yeah, but how old am I? Santa Steel Toed Bunny Slipper Steel Toed Bunny Slipper

Cinco-X wrote:

2012 Election Results Map by State - Live Voting Updates -
Obama in the lead 65% to Romney's 32%...

That should change once all the job creators get off work and vote... Snark Just Pullin' Yer Leg The Purple Pill

Tom Stone wrote:

Yes. I learned not to poison them real quick.

Me too... They did love that D-Con though, ate a couple boxes of it. and then...

Tom Stone wrote:

5 pounds is small for a Norway, they frequently go 10 pounds or more and they are tough.

As the former resident of a basement apartment in the south end of Boston, I concur. They also smell real bad when they die in your walls. Sick

Tom Stone wrote:

Norway rats, big and tough. You want a .22 for those

One of these would probably work. I have one, but I'm 3000 mi away so I guess I can't help. Wink

lawyerliz wrote:

Brian Norcross says all of the financial district is underwater.
Bitter laughter.

They needn't worry. We'll bail them out. Ba-da-boom-TISH