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Last week we had an Ebola "scare" here in Honolulu at The Queens Hospital. One would think that some of the most remote islands in the world would be an unlikely spot for the virus to pop up so early. But for $997 you can buy a seat on a direct flight from Dallas so folks got a bit worked up. Turned out to be a Nothingburger but was a good practice run for State and City folks, just in case.


I am very glad to hear the positive news. It must be a great relief for you and yours. Aloha.

What is all this "hair" you people speak of? Oh, you mean the stuff I find only in my nose and ears.

Isn't it easier to be out of the work force these days compared to the past? The share of people on food stamps keeps climbing, unemployment benefits keep extending, there are so many more non-profits with services and assistance programs of all kinds. I keep hearing about demographics and such but it strikes me more people will opt out simply because it is easier to opt out and we all like the easier path. Does that make any sense at all?

Quickie update for Oahu real estate:

"We are not building enough," said Eugene Tian, the state's top economist. "Housing development is behind population growth."

Tian calculates that 3,525 new homes need to be added on Oahu annually to match the anticipated 1 percent population growth, assuming 2.8 people per household. Over the last three years, there were 1,612 residential units approved for construction per year on average. That leaves a deficit of 1,913 homes.

Demand is outstripping supply to a point where median prices for single-family homes are projected by economists to reach about $800,000 next year after hitting a rec­ord $650,000 last year.

Housing production is left in the dust as population grows

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Our transit system (currently under construction) is extraordinary. It costs $50,000 a foot. It is an elevated heavy train, not ground level light rail, it has a 20 mile route that starts in an empty field and ends at a shopping center. It does not go to the university, to Waikiki or to the suburban clusters with dense populations.

It gets paid for by taxing every business transaction from manufacturing to wholesaling to retail to re-sale at 0.5% of everything. The transit people themselves say traffic in the future will be worse than now but there's a second derivative value - in 15 years with the rail there's a projected 2% decrease in road traffic compared to no rail.

An elevated heavy train in paradise. Imagine.

kelly norton: The Pleasant Places to Live

Here all along I thought Honolulu was a pleasant spot but it failed to make the list.

The current meme seems to be "Not since the OJ Simpson chase has America been so disappointed in a slow white Bronco."

Dylan ended the commercial saying "let the Germans make your beer", we'll make your car. Heh. I'm sure Budweiser was thrilled by that line.

poicv2.0 wrote:

I can't wait till I can afford to retire and sit on my ass all day watching Ricki Lake and eating Gluten Bon Bons.

I prefer you keep working so I can sit on my ass all day watching Ricki Lake and eating Gluten Bon Bons.

One would think that the imminent desiccation of California would lead to lower real estate prices, no?

josap wrote:

I always like gerunds.

So does Richard Gere.

Forget the past; you can not change it.
Forget the future; you can not predict it.
Forget the present; I didn't buy you one.

Bah humbug.

It would be a nice holiday present if we could all agree to ban the ever-so-trite portmanteau "affluenza."

I mean, really, totes ma gotes.

None of this matters since we will soon be awash in oil.

North America to Drown in Oil as Mexico Ends Monopoly

An influx of Mexican oil would contribute to a glut that is expected to lower the price of Brent crude, the benchmark for more than half the world’s crude that has averaged $108.62 a barrel this year, to as low as $88 a barrel in 2017, based on estimates from analysts in a Bloomberg survey.

So things are looking rosy? A true Dooooooooooooooom!!! ster knows that's when the Black Swan appears.

Down to a nippy 73 right now and may drop to 70 before the night is over. Brrr.

KIdPsych wrote:

One of the more interesting experiments was one where Skinner randomly rewarded pigeons. The pigeons didn't know what was being reinforced so they started to develop all kinds of bizarre behaviors...

Wives have been doing this to husbands for eons. It's called letting them twist in the wind.

On food:

Tipsy turkeys: New Hampshire birds fed beer for flavor, size

Morette, who is raising about 50 Thanksgiving turkeys this year, has been giving his birds beer since 1993, when he and his workers popped open a few cans after work on a hot July day. A turkey knocked one over and started drinking, he said, and they’ve been sipping the suds ever since.

...a poultry expert with the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension said it is unlikely the birds are suffering.

Tom Stone said:
Czech Firearms...have a fine reputation

Speaking of fine reputations, I had a treat from up your way, Tom. A 2010 Ceritas Porter Bass Chard. It took the edge off watching my Hawaii Warriors get their asses kicked to go 0-8.


Kia ora! Following up on a discussion of some nights ago, you'll be pleased to know that this time around, The New Zealand Navy has been invited to dock at Pearl Harbor. No doubt the sailors will be less then thrilled because they will be giving up a berth with a Hooters and Gordon Biersch just steps from the ships at Aloha Tower in order to be locked down on the Naval Base.
E noho rā

U.S. will allow ships from New Zealand to berth at Pearl Harbor

New Zealand and the United States announced stronger military-to-military contacts this week that will allow New Zealand’s naval vessels to berth in Pearl Harbor during next summer’s Rim of the Pacific war games*.

"This will be the first time a New Zealand navy ship will have visited Pearl Harbor in more than 30 years,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said during a news briefing Monday with New Zealand Minister of Defense Jonathan Coleman at the Pentagon.

But it’s not the first time that New Zealand warships have been in Hawaii for RIMPAC.

The frigate Te Kaha and tanker Endeavour were here in 2012 for the biennial exercise.

New Zealand in 1984 banned nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed ships from its ports as part of its anti-nuclear policy. U.S. policy was to neither confirm nor deny if its ships carried nuclear weapons, so no declaration meant no port visits.

In turn, the United States banned visits to its military ports by New Zealand warships and that meant the New Zealand ships had to tie up at touristy Aloha Tower.

The ban was an embarrassment for the two nations.

robj said:

Naples failed but Victorino delivers. Revenge of the Italians.

Just for the record...Victorino is of Portuguese, Hawaiian, Japanese, Okinawan, and Chinese descent. Local boy! Maui shout out!

Well I, for one, hope you all keep your respective jobs. The quality of my liquor cabinet depends on your kind entitlement contributions and I've become very picky in my senior years. Of course I took the position long, long ago that if you work for someone you are doomed to getting screwed, so start your own business and screw yourself just like people tell you to do every day.

During the last RIMPAC exercise I think it was, they made the New Zealand naval ship park at Aloha Tower rather than inside Pearl Harbor with the other participating ships. Not much of a payback. The Kiwis were about 100 yards from a Hooters, a Gordon Biersch and a bus stop to Waikiki while the guys on base had to deal with king size security issues going in and out and were miles and miles from good times in Oahu.

Kiwi Ships at Aloha Tower

josap said:
How To Drive In Phoenix...

  1. Remember the lines painted on the road surface are only suggestions.

Could someone ask the aliens to please abduct the New York Football Giants and put this misery to an end? Go ahead and anal probe them for all I care.

Happy Birthday, josap! Party like you're 58.

A Fox News national poll asks voters to imagine being a lawmaker and having to cast an up-or-down vote on raising the debt ceiling: 37 percent would vote in favor of it, while 58 percent would vote against it.

America has spoken. The crazy part.

Fox News Poll: Majority would vote against raising debt ceiling

Elvis said:
Does that include YouTube videos? Because, if so, I bet $50 that the Obamacare sign-up is quicker.

Cute cat videos are excepted so I think the time is about equal.

“Economists, not anecdotal folks, but economists, say there is absolutely no evidence that part-time work is going up. In fact, it’s going down,” she said.

So there. One hopes the anecdotal folks will knock it off.

Stewart to Sebelius on health care law “Am I a stupid man?”

“I’m going to attempt to download every movie ever made, and you’re going to try to sign up for Obamacare, and we’ll see which happens first.”

Why don't we call up the folks we owe money and tell them we'll pay it off before the default date at 75 cents on the dollar?

fudge_hend wrote:
Sounds interesting. I'll be looking that up. Living in PDX I am fortunate to be spoiled in choices for beer.

When Wifey and I had the RV we'd cruise down to the Lucky Labrador Brew Bar and sit there with our mutt and quaff a brew or six. Good times.

I've recently been sampling Lava "Smoke Beer" which sounds like it should come from Hawaii but actually comes from Iceland. It's really quite good and at 9.5% alc it's got a kick. Damn hard to find. But you're right, Deschutes Porter is good beer.

Red Stripe or Colt 45?

No, I'm not destitute. I'd downgrade to Sierra Nevada or Kona Brewing. Maybe a Deschutes Porter.

Im good as long as Social Security checks go out on time. Otherwise it's a downgrade to domestic beer.

Too funny. There are a few fruit wines produced in NZ that I do not need to try a second time.

To be avoided: Maui Blanc, Hula 'O Maui and More

The extreme West Texas varieties and Hill Country varieties are now worth trying, but aren't premier.

No problem. No matter how dicey the Texas plonk it will never be so dreadful as the Pineapple Wine from our vineyards high up on Ulupalakua. That stuff can take off paint.

OK, sorry. I'll shuffle off for a nice bottle of Armadillo Red, vintage late July.

Just for edumacational porpoises, what is the premier Texas wine? I'll give it a try.

Texas wine

Now that's just down right funny.

Woodland Hills to Redlands. Santa Clarita to San Clemente.

Doesn't the "Inland Empire" figure into this somewhere?

ee said:
...have some Hawaiian Delight!

Locally beloved loco moco. Gluten free.

Loco Moco

josap wrote:
As much as 233,000 gallons of molasses leaked into the harbour, Matson said.

No problems. They are dragging huge pancakes across the harbor to soak up the spill.

I was hoping for a strong message on job growth but again I face disappointment.

Wasn't Elliot Lawrence the guy who wrote "Cats in the Desert?"

Over at Zero Hedge they are talking about economics.

burnside said:
I see people insulating themselves from TMI. If you can't affect an outcome, how many disasters hourly do you wish to keep yourself informed of?

I'm still trying to shield myself from Miley Cyrus and anything involving twerking.