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If you're like most, you're probably saying to yourself, "Huh? Hoco-what?"

Think "Who could have known?", with palms upraised, shoulders shrugging, and innocent, blameless eyes. The question was famously anticipated in 2006 by Calculated Risk's sadly departed coblogger Tanta as a likely response from the financial community following the inevitable crash of the housing market. When the CR commenting community got our own digs in 2009, it seemed a fitting tribute; not only because Tanta was a treasure, but also because the phrase excellently captures the rampant disease of corporate NotMyProblemism we face in the twenty first century.

So that's what the place is called. But what is it, and more importantly, why do you want to be here?

CR's blog is a testament to the value of carefully following data to discern reality through the fog of financial war. He and the commentariat chorus here at HCN have been actively pursuing this approach since late 2005, and it has yielded excellent results. You'll often find current events being discussed here before they hit the mainstream media, with pithy analysis and debate distilling the likely outcome. Don't expect organization - this is a collegial, free-flowing, chaotic atmosphere, where "off topic" is hard to say with a straight face.

As for the tone, you will find some doomsterism and snark here, but it is tempered by humor and pathos. It's not a nihlistic, scorch-the-planet kind of place - most here are reality refugees, and truly want a better world. And there are all kinds of folk here, from various socio-economic backgrounds, political affiliations, religious faiths, occupations, ages, etc. We're mostly Americans, but we do have members in other parts of the world.

It is recommended that you read for a bit before joining the fray. There is a mature multilayered culture here, and many topics have been hashed over frequently. We welcome new information sources and perspectives however, so please, don't be shy once you get the rhythm. To get a sense of who you're talking to, you can click on a member's name to see their profile - it'll tell you how long they've been posting here, and possibly some personal information they wanted to share.

A final note: HCN is not exactly a 'for profit' website. Light ads and member donations support the infrastructure and stock your host's beer locker. If you end up spending some time on the site, feel free to contribute! There are several ways to do so here.


The Glossary
There are lots of terms generated or referenced here on the site. Here you'll find descriptions of things like that pink pig you keep seeing.
The Icon Glossary
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  • tagging, which allows you to filter comments by user contributed tags
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If you have questions or suggestions about the site, bug reports, or just want to say hi, click here to send a message to kcoop.


the search function is dialed in tight, musta had a properly filed form 27/b/6...

Great intro kcoop. Thanks for keeping the conversation going.

thanks for the unemployment graphs. The last graph showing the unemployment since the last peak was the most impressive one. It shows clearly that the recession in terms of labor market is the most severe in the last 50 years and that we are far away from getting anywhere close to pre-crisis levels.

As was mentioned in your blog but also by other moderators such as P.Krugman this really should be the top-focus of the government, both, states and Washington. It is absolutely amazing to me to see how this cannot be first priority for the government.
Here in Europe those people affected by this crisis, their relatives, their friends, neighbors and colleagues would be a big enough crowd to influence elections so as to motivate the parties to do something about is.

It seems to me that in America, this group of people seems not to be so interesting to politicians.

Hence I would recommend to analyze the "political participation rate" of the people affected by the recession/unemployment. **It would not surprise me to see that those people will not go out to vote.

That's a problem !!!

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